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Welcome to Shogunmaster Photography.

I'm just a freelance photographer that loves to be behind the camera, and for the most part a self-taught photographer. I started photography as a hobby, but have been devoting my time and energy full time to photography. I have discovered that with photography, I have found a medium that enables me to express my creativity and use my abilities to view the world in a different way. As a member of the International Press Photographers Association, I've been featured in various newspapers and magazines in both Korea(1994-2006) and Japan(2006-present). I am also a contributor with iStockPhoto (Getty Images), Corbis Contributor (Corbis Images), and YourShot (National Geographic) photography communities.

When I’m not doing other things, my artistic interests tend toward street photography and event work. Initially, I gained experience in the realm of street photography- which is still, today, one of my hobbies and main interests. I'm opened minded to new ideas & ways, and what one might consider strange, I like to think of it as interesting. I'm always looking for all kinds of crazy and interesting ideas! I like to work hard to get an awesome image... like climbing on things, getting dirty... you get the picture! Most of my work is available for viewing, so if you wish to see an image or print that you can’t find in the gallery, please email me.

Enjoy! Tell your friends, leave comments, better yet leave money! This traveling stuff ain’t cheap even though I travel on shoestring budget!

If you want to read the chronicles of my adventures both current and past along with socio-political commentary and stories on cultural activities from my photo shoots, please take a look at the blog that gives you something to read:

Your comments and feedback would be most appreciated.

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