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If you are looking for beautiful, intimate photography that reflects the sensual and playful sides of you, then look no further! Boudoir photography is an art form... I approach my sessions as if they are a shoot for Victoria Secret and Vanity Fair. My goal is to show your personal beauty and sensual side while having fun! My sessions usually take place in a boutique hotel. Combine that with a bottle of champagne and fabulous music to inspire you to relax and feel beautiful!

Images from these sessions can be made into a custom CD with your favorite images for that special man in your life or for yourself! If you are looking for that perfect gift, these albums make a great gift for his birthday or a girl’s get together. How about as a gift to your fiancé on your wedding day or honeymoon?

Contact me and let's schedule your boudoir photography session or party today -> ~Contact me now!~

Please enjoy my menu of photo sessions, ranging from individual to couples sessions and maybe an unexpected surprise or two. Packages start at ¥5,000~/$50.00~

Tasty Teaser - ¥5,000/$50.00
- A mini-session!
This is a fun way to strut your stuff in the mini version of the full session. You doll up your hair and I will do the rest. This package your photographic session will last approx 45 - 60mins, posing in 1 or 2 outfits (or out of them!) and is a great way for the unsure person to give it a try. For those people that have been there, done that; it's a way to top off your experience with any ideas that you simply could not fit in the first time around. You’ll get to chose 12 fully re-touched images from the images taken. They are on a printable CD.

Pure and Simple - ¥8,000/$80.00
- Absolute Boudoir
Here is the real deal, for the girl who knows she is ready! Get here, come on in and let's get busy with capturing all your inner beauty so you can keep these precious memories. This package includes your photographic session that will last approx 90mins. I suggest bringing 2 or 3 changes of outfit. You’ll get 25 fully re-touched images to choose from the images taken. All on a CD.

Spoil Me - ¥12,000/$120.00
- The full boudoir experience!
This photographic session is approximately two hours in length, giving you enough time to get comfortable, shake off those butterflies, and unleash your inner diva! While you sit back and relax and enjoy we will review and assemble up to four outfits(I suggest bringing 4-6 changes of outfit) from your wardrobe selection and design your sets. Before you know it, you'll be shining in front of the camera during your professional photo shoot! You will get 50 fully re-touched images to choose from the images taken. All images come on a CD for you to keep and print off as you wish.

Sexy Party for Two - ¥18,000/$180.00
- A shoot for couples!
Add some sugar and spice to your relationship by surprising your special someone with an intimate experience you can both savor. Our couples sessions are just as much about an experience as everything else I do with an added bonus; that you get to share it with your loved one. Whether you want to reignite that fire or just want to have some good, plain fun, we'll provide with just the space for it. This package includes your photographic session that will last approx 90mins. I suggest bringing a couple changes of outfit. You’ll get 25 fully re-touched images to choose from the images taken. All on a CD. Whether you've been together for 6 weeks or a couple of decades this is just what the doctor ordered.

The Incredible Hunk - ¥8,000/$80.00
- Dude-oir - Boudoir for Men!
Now offering Boudoir for Men! This photographic session will last approx 90mins. I suggest bringing a couple changes of outfit. You’ll get 25 fully re-touched images to choose from the images taken. All on a CD. Your partner would do it for you in a heartbeat so why not pay it back to her? Girls should definitely not have all the fun and although it may sound cheesy, Dude-oir will leave your girl hungry & drooling for more.

※ If you would like a make over(hair & make-up), please contact me.

Every pose is fully directed and many images are taken. Afterwards I will edit all photographs down to the number of images included with your chosen package. These images then receive lots of our fabulous re-touching so no need to worry about spots or cellulite. All your final retouched images will also be uploaded to a private online gallery for you to view.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Who's Doing It? Everyone!
* Bride's to-be are giving their fiancé these sexy photos as a wedding gift.
* Married ladies are doing it before they become mothers, for their anniversary or as an "I still got it honey!" gift.
* Military wives are giving a little something 'special' to their husbands serving overseas.
* Dating someone special? These sessions make the ideal gift for his birthday.

Don't forget about the other holidays... this could be a perfect Christmas, Anniversary or Wedding gift for the special person in your life especially Valentine's Day, also these make great gifts for yourself too!!

It is a big step!
I recognize that it is a big step for women to have these kinds of artistic shots taken. However, strong vision from the photographer can change that - most folks find the process quite uplifting, a boost to their confidence when turned into fine art.

About your session:
What happens at a boudoir session? When you arrive you'll have a chat over a cup of coffee. You'll then be left alone to change into your first outfit. While you are being photographed, music will be playing - you won't have time to be nervous. You will be shown how to pose in different ways, using demonstration and visual examples, and then you'll go off and change into your next set of clothes. A couture boudoir session is a mix of Victoria Secret, Maxim Magazine and Vanity Fair style photos, but always have a sense of allure and intense beauty.

All boudoir sessions are photographed tastefully with subtle lighting and composition. These intimate photographs can range from semi-clothed to lingerie... you won't be wearing any less than you would wear on a beach, and I will quickly help make you feel at ease.
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