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Have you ever wanted your team's or company's race/event photographed and forgot your camera? Do your photos never capture the race/event how you wanted them to? Want to see how things look from the other side? With Photography by Shogunmaster not only can you get your team's/company's photos taken by an experienced photographer, you can enjoy the race/event without worrying about taking any photos. Have your next race/event photographed by a highly skilled photographer for as little as ¥10,000 & have all your photos featured in an album gallery online. Guests will not only be able to see what a great race/event it was, they can share the memories! Contact me to book your event today and let the race/event live on... online!

This awesome service allows you to browse for your pictures by event, check out races/events you missed, get photos from an experienced photographer, and a lot more. This up-to-date website informs you of the latest events in the ‘Schedule of Events’ section and with a host of events & venues... you can pick out the best places to enjoy the races/events.

Contact me now to book your event -> ~Contact Me~

With years of experience as a photographer for very large corporate and entertainment events in/around Nagoya, I offer event photography coverage for conferences, exhibits, after-parties, bands, gigs and most other needs. I can guarantee you will have your event covered from every angle possible and will have your images edited and available for you very promptly.
(*) transportation & lodging expenses will be added to the price of the package as needed.

Motorsport Events/Car Shows:
3 Hour Package – ¥10,000*
- One photographer
- up to 3 hours of event coverage
**for event coverage more than 3 hours, price is negotiable.
- At least 12 images, reportage and contemporary/posed portraits taken during the event
- Joint copyright of all images so that you can use/print from CD's provided

1 Day Package – ¥18,000*
- One photographer (additional photographer is ¥5,000)
- up to 6 hours of event coverage
**for special event coverage, price is negotiable.
- At least 24 images, reportage and contemporary images
- Joint copyright of all images so that you can use/print from CD's provided

2 Day Package – ¥30,000*
- One photographer (additional photographer is ¥15,000)
- up to 6 hours of event coverage each day
**for special event coverage, price is negotiable.
- Choose at least 36 images, reportage and contemporary images
- Key Person(Team) portrait/Exhibit Booth photo session included(6 images)
- Joint copyright of all images so that you can use/print from CD's provided

Here is a my event services contract: Shogunmaster Event Services

Past Events:
- Coke-Cola Suzuka 8 Hours 2013 [Suzuka] (Motor Sports)
- Tokyo Auto Salon 2011-2013 (Car Show)
- D1 Grand Prix 2009-2013(Pro Drifting Championships) (Motor Sports)
- Super GT 2009-2013 [Suzuka Circuit] (Motor Sports)
- World Cosplay Summit 2009-2013(Red Carpet Parade & Stage Show)
- Designers Symphony (Hair Stylist Showcase)
- Herbalife "Beauty Contest" 2011
- Club Events/Parties (Go-Go/Pole Dance/Halloween/NYE/Summer)
- Company Events/Parties 2006-2013
- University Graduation Ceremonies 2010/2011
- Coming of Age Ceremonies 2009-2013
- Various Private Events/Parties

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