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With experience, working for newspapers, magazines and agencies, I offer customized portrait service unique to their style and personality of whatever you want and wherever you want it done. Whether it be family, personal, engagement, wedding or corporate portraits you require, I guarantee to give you the best possible results. Based in Tokyo and often traveling throughout Japan, no job is too big and no job is too small.

まだまだやってみたい撮影は山ほどあります。風船、ろうそく、草原のど真ん中に古いソファ、着物、楽器、ホタル、もう数え切れないです! だから、面白い撮影のアイデアあったら是非連絡してください。一緒に最高なアートを作りましょう!

Contact me to set up this kind of photo shoot -> ~Contact me now!~

Pricing: Photos can either be shot indoors or on location depending on their style, fashion and theme; this will all be discussed during our consultation phase. I will try to accommodate your needs and request and I guarantee each shoot to be unique to you. I spend quality time with my clients to understand their personality and sense of style.

Please enjoy my list of portrait photo sessions, ranging from individual to group sessions. Package prices start at ¥5,000/$50.00 for a simple portrait sitting and up for more comprehensive services. Pricing for shoots with more people and longer than noted can be negotiated.

-> Please check here if you are interested in taking part in the Shogunmaster Model Program

Basic Sample - ¥5,000/$50.00
- Give it a try!
This is a great way to have some fun and strut your stuff in my sample Portrait package. You doll up your hair and I will do the rest. This portrait package the photo session will last approx 45 - 60mins, posing in 1 or 2 outfits and is a great way for the unsure person to give it a try. For those people that have been there, done that; it's a way to top off your experience with any ideas that you simply could not fit in the first time around. You’ll get to chose 12 fully re-touched images from the images taken. They are on a printable CD.

Tad More - ¥8,000/$80.00
- I got it!
Here is the real thing, for the girl who knows that she is ready and has it! Get here, come on in and let's get busy with capturing all your total beauty so you can keep these amazing memories. This package includes your photo session that will last approx 90mins. I suggest bringing 2 or 3 changes of outfits. You’ll get 25 fully re-touched images to choose from the images taken. All on a CD.

All the way - ¥12,000/$120.00
- The full experience!
This portrait photo session is approximately two hours in length, giving you enough time to get comfortable, shake off those butterflies, and unleash your inner diva! While you sit back and relax and enjoy we will review and assemble up to four outfits(I suggest bringing 4-6 changes of outfit) from your wardrobe selection and design your sets. Before you know it, you'll be shining in front of the camera during your professional photo shoot! You will get 50 fully re-touched images to choose from the images taken. All images come on a CD for you to keep and print off as you wish.

Tag Along - ¥18,000~/$180.00~
- A shoot with friends!
Add someone to your photo session and enjoy an experience all of you can savor. My “Tag Along” portrait photo session is just as much about an experience as everything else I do with an added bonus; that you get to share it together with your friend(s). This package includes your photographic session that will last approx 90mins. I suggest bringing a couple changes of outfits. You’ll each get 25 fully re-touched images to choose from the images taken. All on a CD. Whether you've been friends for 6 weeks or a couple of decades this is just what the doctor ordered.
• 2 people = ¥9,000/$90.00ea
• 3 people = ¥8,000/$80.00ea
• 4 people = ¥7,000/$70.00ea

※ If you would like a make over(hair & make-up), please contact me.

Every pose is fully directed and many images are taken. Afterwards I will edit all photographs down to the number of images included with your chosen package. These images then receive lots of our fabulous re-touching so no need to worry about spots or cellulite. All your final retouched images will also be uploaded to a private online gallery for you to view.
- location chosen by client within reasonable distance (negotiable) & weather permitting -OR- own home/location -OR- studio rental at client's expense (studio recommendations available)
- make-up artist available at additional cost
- prints available at additional cost (printed by professional labs)
- wardrobe change
- all final copies of photos, will be retouched & burnt on CD/DVD

*Please keep in mind that photograph printing and post-processing takes more time than the actual photo shoot, so you are paying not only for the shooting time but for the time spent after the shoot. However, I guarantee you will be happy with the results.

Please contact me for more details.
My Portfolio

Portfolio Collaboration:
I welcome "Time For CD"(TFCD) or "Time For Print"(TFP), as long as we BOTH get shots/styles we each want from the shoot (that means we shoot YOUR styles/needs and then we shoot MY styles/needs). I shoot all styles of TASTEFUL photos, from Maxim/FHM sexy teaser styles, all the way through glamour/fashion style - sexy but beautiful. Don't be shy... let me know what you have in mind and hopefully we can make some beautiful photos together!

If you have an idea or need photos for your portfolio and you contact me to shoot "Time For CD"(TFCD) or "Time For Print"(TFP) - DO NOT ASK ME TO PAY YOU - my time & the CD/Print(s) is your payment!

If I message you and ask you to shoot "Time For CD"(TFCD) or "Time For Print"(TFP) - DO NOT ASK ME TO PAY YOU - the CD/Print(s) is your payment.
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