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Monday – Friday 10am – 8pm

Model Program

Have you ever dreamed of being a model -or- have you ever just wanted to capture your beauty for your precious memories? Make your dreams come true now!

The Shogunmaster Portrait Model Program is an exciting and great way for young adults to earn some extra money, while helping to promote Shogunmaster Photography’s portraits for future events & upcoming models. With a minimum of 3 complimentary portrait sessions and discounted services, together with other free items, the aim of the program is for you to pass on the word to your family, friends and classmates about your finished portraits and your portrait model experience with Shogunmaster Photography.

You will be automatically rewarded for ALL of the referrals you direct to Shogunmaster Photography.

Contact me now to get started -> ~Model Program~

What Does A Shogunmaster Model Do?

The model program is very simple and easy! All you have to do is apply to join the program and agree to exclusively promote Shogunmaster Photography as the photographer of choice for portraits. If you are accepted, I will provide you with all the materials you need, and then all you have to do is to show off your wonderful portraits and talk positively about your experience with me. Top earning models tweet, blog and Facebook post about their Shogunmaster Portrait experience throughout the year.

You will be given a set of personalized referral cards to pass on to your “prospects”, which they will need to show when they book their portrait model session with me.

I take care of the rest for you… It’s really that easy!

What Are The Benefits of Being a Shogunmaster Model?

If your application is accepted, there are a lot of benefits to you for being a part of this program:

  • Three FREE portrait sessions – an initial model session and two more later sessions,
  • Free custom slide show DVD and an online link to share on youtube or Facebook,
  • Print credit for each person you refer* to Shogunmaster Photography Plus, BONUS cash for every 5 referrals -> For every 5 referrals, you receive an additional print credit & ¥3,000

A *referral is counted as a booked portrait client with a paid session who returns one of your referral cards to us.

How Do I Apply For The Shogunmaster Portrait Model Program?

Because my portrait model sessions are limited to a certain number for the year, I only take on a maximum of 4 models each year, usually split between girls and/or guys. It may be that I already have the required number, but I would encourage you to apply anyway and I will let you know.

Planning & Preparing

What to bring: Clothing - deciding what to wear for your portrait session is important.

  • Bring several(2-3) outfits, both formal and casual, that express who you are (Solid colors and long sleeves photograph best)
  • Bring matching shoes, socks, and accessories to complete your outfits
  • Iron wrinkled clothes prior to your session
  • Consider bringing letter jackets, uniforms, sports equipment, and musical instruments to express your interests, making your portraits personal


  • Paint your nails (clear or neutral colors work best)
  • Style your hair before your session, choosing a comfortable style you know looks good
  • Bring a comb or brush for touch-ups if necessary
  • Apply foundation(concealer and powder) if necessary to minimize blemishes and apply any basic make-up before you arrive and bring products with you for touch-ups if necessary, then stop worrying! Portrait retouching on your final order can eliminate small blemishes and under-eye circles
  • Limit sun exposure prior to your portrait session avoiding burns or tan lines
  • Get a good night’s sleep
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